Hey y’all! 
Meet the team at Back Valley Creative

Deann Burris

Owner | Web Designer | Brand Strategist

I’m wife to Brett, boy stepmom, MBA grad, dog/cat mom, and lover of front-porch sittin’, good books, good food, & good wine.

My background is in restaurant management. I love providing great experiences for my guests, teaching and training my team, and running a multi-million dollar business.

I know firsthand how business owners have so much on their plate – often times, instead of doing the thing they love (the reason they went into business!) they are doing the busywork of running the business – running a website, marketing to clients, drowning in systems, etc.

I want the same things for my client’s business that I want for me: spend time in your business doing the things you love, not the things that you don’t. When you spend your energy on the things that drive you, your business will thrive and you will have more time and energy to spend doing what feeds your soul.

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