April 1, 2021

The 5 point checklist for project success

The success of any project comes down to good communication.  If the team is on the same page, and everyone knows the expectations, it is so much easier to get to the end goal.  And projects evolve – in the case of web design – things change along the way so there isn’t always a clear, one way path to get the project complete.  Every project is different. 

And maybe you don’t have a team – its just you.  But you still work with clients, or vendors, and this checklist is still applicable to you.

Even though every project is different, all projects need these five things to be successful:

Roles and responsibilities

Sure, this seems obvious, but it is vitally important that everyone involved knows what is expected of them.  By being clear in the beginning about what each person will do and their role requirements, you avoid lots of headaches later (“I thought you were in charge of that?”)  And by assigning roles and responsibilities in the beginning, you can be sure that you have “Aces in Places” and each person is staying in their zone of genius rather than delegating tasks to the wrong people. And you won’t waste valuable time on tasks that aren’t relevant to the project.


Do you know what the end goal is? Do you have a clear idea of what the team is working toward? Does everyone on the team understand the vision?  If everyone is on the same page and is working to the same goal, your project will be a success.


A company that I worked for had a mission statement that started with, “Our mission is to be financially successful..” I am in business for a lot of reasons, but one of the many reasons is to make money (and I bet you are, too!) And you can’t be profitable if you don’t have a clear budget.  Things come up, so always have some wiggle room in the budget.  And make sure all the decision makers agree on the budget. 

Timeline & scope

Every project needs a clear timeline and milestones in place before work begins.  This ensures the project will run well and finish on time.  Everyone involced in the project should be aware of the scope.  If the scope changes (and it sometimes will) it is important for the timeline to adjust as well – otherwise deadlines will be missed. 

Scheduled check in

Communication is so important to success of the project.  Whether its check-ins via email, Slack, Zoom, or in-person meetings, communication is key to identifying potential roadblocks or concerns the team may have.  And it is so important to check-in with your client and keep them in the loop. 

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