Every marketing guru will tell you that its cheaper to keep a customer than gain a new one. And you know what? It's actually true.

Think about your average customer. How much do they spend with you in one transaction? $100? $250? $500? Or more?

Is that a one-time purchase? Or do they make more purchases over time? When you think about how much they spend, and how the continue to spend that money over time, you really start to realize what the lifetime value of a customer truly is.

(Don't mind me over here in the corner crying about how valuable I am to Target...I'm sure they know. Because I just realized what my lifetime value is.)

If you want to increase your customer's lifetime value, here are some ideas to get you started:

Are you afraid that sharing your knowledge will cost you sales? If you teach your audience too much, they won't need you?

Don't worry, a lot of business owners feel that way....But it isn't true! In fact, by sharing your knowledge, this can actually bring you more sales and help you build a stronger brand!

Content Marketing is a great way to bring in leads and close sales, and it's here to stay! If you need some ideas of ways you can share your knowledge with your audience, check out this list:

Which one of these options do you think would help establish yourself as an authority? Let me know!

What is a brand personality and why is it important to your business?

Imagine that your brand is a person – How do they act? What do they say? What clothes do they wear? What car do they drive? How do they communicate?

Just like a real person’s personality is displayed through traits, behaviors, mannerisms, your brand has a personality that will resonate and relate to your audience. Connecting with your audience can help your brand to increase sales and drive conversions.  

Think of brands you know – Tiffany & Co, the iconic jewelry store, is sophisticated, elegant, classy…I imagine their ideal client is Audrey Hepburn.  On the other end of the spectrum, Jeep is rugged, adventurous, down-to-earth.  If Jeep were a person, I imagine we’d spend the day outdoors in the mountains. At the end of the day, we would sit around a camp fire with a cold beer and tell stories about all the cool places we’ve been.  

So, how do you develop your brand’s personality?

Identify what makes you different.

What is it that you offer to your customers that your competitors can’t?   There are lots of service providers/products in your niche.  So what makes your offer better than all the rest? Is it price or quality, like Wal-Mart vs Target? Or sporty vs rugged, like Nike vs Timberland? You can use what makes you different to help you develop your brand’s personality to convey the traits that your client will identify with.

Explore adjectives 

How would your ideal customer describe your brand? Get a pen and paper, or open up a new google doc, and start making a list of all the adjectives that come to mind.  Honest, trustworthy, trendy, modern, simple, edgy, are just a few examples to get you going!

Know your audience 

Who is your ideal customer? If your dream client walked in the door, who would they be? Perhaps it’s a past client that you loved working with. Or maybe it’s someone you know, but haven’t had the chance to work with…yet

Set your tone

From your social media posts to your website copy to your marketing materials, the tone of your writing should reflect your brand’s personality.  You should set a tone that speaks to your ideal client and is consistent.  You should stick to your brand’s style – whether it is conversational or formal, by staying consistent you are telling your customer that you are in tune with them.

Get visual

Most people think of a brand as the logos and colors, but coming up with the visual aspect of the brand is not the first step. Now that you know your differentiator, the qualities you want to convey in your brand, who your ideal client is, and the tone of your brand voice, you can use those elements to design the visual experience of your brand. 

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