May 11, 2021

Build Your Brand By Sharing Your Knowledge

Are you afraid that sharing your knowledge will cost you sales? If you teach your audience too much, they won't need you?

Don't worry, a lot of business owners feel that way....But it isn't true! In fact, by sharing your knowledge, this can actually bring you more sales and help you build a stronger brand!

Content Marketing is a great way to bring in leads and close sales, and it's here to stay! If you need some ideas of ways you can share your knowledge with your audience, check out this list:

  • YouTube Videos - How many of you have hit up YouTube when you need to find out how to fix something? I know I do it all the time! So if you are searching for how to fix a leaky faucet, chances are you'll find several plumbers who will answer this question for you in a simple, easy way. They aren't necessarily "selling" their services on YouTube, but they *are* establishing themselves as an expert! (And I bet you'll find their contact info just in case you need to call them!)
  • Podcast - Podcasts are easy to start! All you need is a voice, a microphone, and something to talk about! Podcasts are all the rage right now - you can start one for very little money and it is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your niche!
  • Books - Whether it's a short e-book, or a full-length printed book, this is the ultimate way to show your expertise! And in the digital world, it can be very easy and low cost to get your e-book out there!
  • Digital Product - Anyone can create a digital product! Are you an accountant? How about creating a Google Sheets template you can sell? Are you a coach? How about creating a how-to guide for your niche? The great thing about digital products is that they give your audience value RIGHT AWAY!
  • Courses - Of all the options here, course creation is probably the biggest time-investment. Great courses aren't made quickly, but if you do it well, this is the best way to give value to your audience. And, this is a great way to build an evergreen revenue stream.....Make money in your sleep!

Which one of these options do you think would help establish yourself as an authority? Let me know!

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