April 19, 2021

3 questions clients ask me about website care plans.

Your website is an asset – an investment you have made into your business. And just like any other asset, you take care of it and protect it.  

That’s what a care plan is – a way to protect your valuable, money-making, customer-producing, appointment-booking, 24/7/365 days a year #1 SALESPERSON - otherwise known as, your website.

Would you buy a shiny new car, drive it every day to work and back, run errands, pick up the kids, but skip every oil change? Never replace the tires? Hope the brakes still work great after 5 years? NO!  

Your car is an asset and to get the most return on your investment, you have to maintain it!

Websites that aren’t maintained are the same as a car that hasn’t had an oil change – plugins, themes, apps need updates or they become glitchy, or worse, stop working all together. 

Would you leave your car unlocked and running with the keys in the ignition, while you run in the store? Then, why would you let your website become outdated and unsecure and vulnerable to hacks?

Questions I’m often asked about website care plans.

Why are care plans so important? 

You spent good money on a website. You invested in a tool that helps you increase your revenue.  It is vital to protect it.  

Good care plans ensure that your plugins and themes stay up to date (so your website stays secure and functioning properly).  That your website stays up and running (good hosting) all the time (and fixes problems quickly if things fail). That if the worst happens and your website goes down, or is hacked, you have backups to quickly get you back online.

My website isn’t that big or complicated, do I still need a care plan? 

Even if you don’t hand off the care of your website to a professional, your website, no matter the size, needs to be maintained. 

Do you sell items on your site? Take payments from customers? Then you need to make sure your website is continually maintained to prevent data breaches.

Do you rely on your site to make sales? Do your leads come to your site to book with you? What would happen to your business if your site was out of date and didn’t work?

Can’t I just run the updates myself? 

Of course you can. But is that really the best use of your time? As a business owner, you wear many hats, and you are capable of completing nearly every task your business needs. 

But, I would bet, there are tasks that you delegate to experts. An accountant to do your taxes. A bookkeeper to do your payroll. A social media manager to help you build your tribe. A virtual assistant to manage your email and calendar.

I know I do.

I could do my own taxes. But, what if someone else was better at it than I was? Or could do it faster than I could? Or could find better ways to do it than I could? (Who could save me more money??) And if I delegated it off my plate, I could focus on money-making tasks in my business that would be a better use of my time.  

Maintenance is vital to keeping your website running its best all the time. Either you invested dollars, or hours of your own time, to create your business’s site – don’t let your hard-earned dollars, or your time, go down the drain.  Your website is not a “Set it and Forget it” thing. 

Love it.

Nurture it.

Take care of it.

And it will take care of business.

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